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Subject: Feeling complete with Brian...Feeling Complete with Brian... Copyright Alex Carr 2011
Alright I am madly in love with Brian, and okay he is another guy. But he
is an extra special guy, preteen loltia bear hug
a guy who treats me as never before.He spoils me to hell, the things I need and more, he feels he rightly owes
that to me just for being all his to the core.But being with Brian is reward enough, we chat and talk over dinner and
watch some TV - me sprawled on the settee - he is always close to me.Eventually I know his wants and it is so beautiful when he lures me to part
my legs, strokes the inside of my thighs so smoothly over my jeans and
then to push his head into my crotch. He loves to do that, it is one of his
passions, a fantasy come true he told me and I am more than happy to
accommodate him and feel the thrill of his enjoyment of me.He comes up for a breather and tells me I am divine, I feel complete -
there is something about what he does to me that makes me feel so wanted and
loved - something I felt could never be achieved from another guy.As his mouth found my swelling beneath my jeans I realised how wrong I
was when I felt again his nose plunge into my crease as he lifted my legs
high and wide with strong hands and arms. How he loved to sniff me and lick
me over my brush blue jeans.He would spend a good half hour or so just dong that, occasionally coming
up for air, his face flushed and his eyes full of passion. It was a joy just
to lay there and be there for him that way, watching the joy on his face
as he came up and then went straight down into me again, watching his busy
tongue work me between as he nn loli pre model ecstatically moaned ."I adore the smell of you and the taste of you" he whispered between
times, wondering how he could taste me through those jeans but knowing soon he
would be doing just that beneath my jeans when he'd unzipped me and winkled
my cock out for his doings.And when he did that the feel of his mouth and tongue working my cock was
magic and I would recommend it to any natural guy who's leaning was for
another guy.I know to have a a girl suck your cock as I have had many times is out of
this world, but for me Brian's beats all,All this would lead to the most wonderful fucking I had ever known, after I
had been duly sniffed and tasted, sucked and balled and firmly spanked
across his lap which he loved to do very much, pulling my jeans up tight with
braces to satisfy another fantasy he had kept hidden so very long.I was more than willing and even though it always stung at first, it was
better when he'd removed my jeans, planted me across the arm of the settee so
my ass was duly presented for his service, a little more light spanking
was divine, the touching and feeling of my cheeks was gorgeous and feeling
his tongue lick between my cheeks once more - he stretched them wide apart
made my spine shiver and then when he licked and sucked my hole, the feeling
was absolute and out of this world.Brian knew just how to prepare me for his rapturous deep delving fuck and
he would take quality time to achieve that, sometimes he did not want me to
suck him - he was well and ready to fuck me having worked himself up in the
depths of my ass as I wriggled and smothered his face sitting on him, my
legs wide apart and watching him suck everything down there, my balls and
cock too in the most delightful positions, he loved to suck cock as much as
I so that when he did want some oral I was only too pleased to give it to
him, the taste and feel of that lovely primed cock sliding in and out of my
mouth was perfection itself. And so warm and pliable too, like it was made
to suck and fondle and massage, peeling his foreskin right back as he
moaned for me to lick his p-hole - I closed my eyes and just went for it
feeling the taste of heaven in my mouth, rolling my tongue around and around
until I taste the first dribble of white hot cum - just the feel of it trickle
along my tongue made me hungry for more and I usually found myself - as if
by instinct- mouth fucking his throbbing cock one to the dozen, he yelling
and shouting not to stop until I felt that wonderful surge of hot spurting
white cream fill up my mouth as pulled out his still throbbing cock out
of my mouth and wanked the rest of his cum over my face, feeling its heat
trickle down my cheeks and smother me with cum and then the touch of his cock
and balls as he really went to town and gave my face a real good long rub
up - the pungent smell of cock served to make it all so nice and it wasn't
very long before he too lolitas illegal, underage nude had a mouthful of cock and cum, when we took each
other at the same time in a glorious sixty nine position.I had even lately taken to something I would never ever have done with
anyone else, but something he regularly did to me, would you believe one time
it disgusted me just the thought of asshole licking, but with Brian it came
as natural as eating eggs and bacon and we started to have all sorts of fun
with squirty dream and the like, beautiful and very rewarding, and
something that was so intimate that it made us seem closer than ever.W hen he first fucked me and I felt that stiff seven incher scrimmage my
ass it hurt like hell. I had never had cock before that way but Brian made
it right and the way he did it was absolutely divine. He bought a set of an
al vibrators and got me worked in size by free little ladies lolitas
size, with loads of lube, It was
all such fun and even now we take to doing it to each other prior to fucking
proper, just giving each other that joy and thrill is something very
special that we share together and he always compliments me eon my quality ass.But at the end of the day preteen loltia bear hug
the feel of real flesh inside me is something
unique, I love the feel of it stretch me inside and the way he works it into
my anus, the feel of his strong hands stretching my cheeks wide apart as he
takes me with long firm thrusts, his hands then planted on my hips,
gripping them to keep my ass in place for his fuck.And when that final surge comes, when I hear that certain grunt and the
noise lolita nearly nude models he makes then he ejaculates, I know he has been well satisfied and I
have too.Later he will play another game with me, tie my wrists to the bed rail and
plant his face deep into my crotch again and then we start all over leading
to that second fuck which is always different , because it is slower and
makes me numb, a beautiful warm feeling takes my whole body and I am feeling
well and truly complete with Brian...
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